Is Zero Loss Formula Legit or Scam?

Zero Loss Formula Review

Zero Loss Formula – As Created by Peter Morgan
Is Zero Loss Formula Legit or Scam?

Luckily, information about the creator of this binary options investment software can easily be accessed on the Internet. Peter Morgan used to work for a high-end trading company on Wall Street a couple of years ago. In 2002, the very 1st version of Zero Loss Formula was designed. At that moment, Mr. Morgan was still employed at the said firm. Achieving great financial success, he was tired of working with the sharks.
When Peter Morgan left Wall Street, he took some of the most skilled employees along with him. Together they continued developing and upgrading the software making it more easily applicable for binary options trading. Then, in 2012 the 1st version of Zero Loss Formula was released to a limited number of Beta-testers. After finding out which the initials bugs in the profit amplifying system were, they began improving it.
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The present version can achieve between $200 and $800 of guaranteed earnings even to online investors who have placed just a $250 minimum deposit. Zero Loss Formula is said to not have a losing trade in the last 2 years. This is why, Peter Morgan will make the binary options automated software paid in the future. Only users who are willing to place a $10,000,000 initial investment will be allowed to use the system.

How Does ZeroLossFormula System Work?

As we have already mentioned, this binary options trading solution is algorithm-based. The computer codes for ZeroLossFormula System were in development for 10 years and underwent years of trials. This is how the automated robot solution is capable of achieving from $50,000 to $200,000 in monthly profits to users. Novices have nothing to worry about, as ZLF Software operates just as well on autopilot and manual mode.

Zero Loss Formula is available free-of-charge. The only thing that Peter Morgan asks from users is that they send him a copy of their trading statements after they have used ZLF for 6 months. This is used by the company behind the robot – Zero Loss Holding to market the hedge fund.

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